Molded Predator Guard

Molded Predator Guard

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Molded Predator Guard
2 Pack Molded Predator Guard

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Predator Guard- Protect your bird house, feeder, and/or nesting boxes.

Each of our predator guards are made of incredibly strong polyethylene that will take the abuse that any predator can dish out, while withstanding all weather conditions for decades. Furthermore, our predator guards are proven to protect from all types of ground attack predators, such as squirrels, racoons, possums, snakes, and more.

Molded Predator Guard

The Molded Predator Guard’s one piece molded construction creates a rigid 26” diameter guard requiring no assembly. It’s design allows for universal mounting on a wide range of round pipes/poles or a 4x4 wood post.

Mounting hardware is included to attach to 8 different size poles. Sizes include: 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2", both thin wall (EMT) and thick wall pipe. All brackets are stamped with their designated size, simply select the bracket that corresponds with your mounting pole, and install the two bolts securing the two half brackets together. Adjust the bracket to set it at the desired height prior to tightening the mounting bolts. For 4x4 wood post applications, no mounting bracket is required. After trimming the center along the preformed cut line, install wood blocks on opposing sides of the post at the desired height. Slide the Molded Guard on the post so it rests on the mounting blocks prior to nesting box or feeder install.

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Customer Reviews

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steve weber

Have not installed yet, but is well designed.

Robert Cotton
Great addition to private camp lake….

I recently purchased the 4 duck hut pack. I was curious when placed the order as to construction. I’m not one to normally do reviews.
I’m totally impressed with design and looking forward getting more in the future. Installation was simple and easy. Within days I had wood ducks checking them out. As migration is just around the corner I’m looking forward to seeing how this helps hold wood ducks around the lake.
I’m already making plans to install more duck hunt houses around the lake.

Ralph Magnusson
Plastic galore

Too many plastic pieces were included
I only needed the 2” support clamp
Can I send the rest back?

Dennis Kiecke
Just say no to coons and squirrels.

Thanks! I finally got a guard that fits a 2” EMT pole, and I put one on a 4x4 too.

Curtis C.
Couldn't have been easier!

My wife and I bought two Duck Huts to put up at a new pond we are building. They arrived within two days of my order. I followed the instructions and we had both boxes up within 40 minutes. It's been two weeks now and we have spotted a hen in each of the two boxes. This is a great product and it is obvious that a lot of time and research went into creating it. We couldn't be happier.