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   Save on shipping! Our 1 Pack, 2 Packs, and 4 Packs ship in the same size package.  Buy a 4 Pack and save!                                                               

  • Plastic wood duck nesting box molded from plastic is the best wood duck house available and offers many benefits over traditional wood duck nesting box made of pine or cedarwood.
  • DuckHut Plastic wood duck houses come with the mounting brackets you need to install the wood duck house on a pole. Our duck boxes are easier to install than cedar wood duck boxes and are proven to be the best nest box for wood ducks hands down.  The included mounting hardware attaches perfectly to 2" EMT conduit (not included).  2" EMT conduit can be found at your local home improvement store.
  • Our wood duck box has a 4.5 inch by 3.75 inch opening so wood ducks can easily enter and exit the wood duck house. The DuckHut also comes with a built-in chick ladder so wood duck chicks can easily exit the duck house when ready.
  • Vents in the side of the wood duck nesting box offer the right amount of ventilation for wood duck nesting and make sure the temperature stays in a comfortable temperature and truly be the best wood duck box on the market
  • Made in the USA - The DuckHut wood duck house is 23.25 x 12 x 11 inches and weighs just 4.5 lbs. made in the heart of the midwest and tested for wood ducks around the country often being the preferred duck house for wood ducks from California to Maine.
  • The number of packs purchased will be combined into the smallest amount of packages in order to ship as economically as possible.

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Customer Reviews

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William Downey
Little Frustrating

These wood duck houses have a great concept & design but lack efforts in the engineering details. The website states in various locations to use either 2” EMT or 2” RIGID EMT, there is a big difference between the 2 conduits. Company sends multiple options of pole clamps for their critter guards(including for 2” Rigid), but only sends one size pole bracket for mounting the house. Didn’t receive any mounting hardware in shipment, reached out to Company & Keith sent hardware package out next day. Here’s where the frustration kicks in. Went out to lake, gear up with waders, drive my 1st primed & painted 2” RIGID EMT pole in the water, go to mount the duck house bracket to learn that the bracket is not designed for 2” RIGID EMT pipe and the provided hardware is too SHORT! Pack out, head to hardware store purchase (8) 1/4-20 X 2-1/4” Stainless bolts. The required longer bolts will secure the smaller diameter house bracket to your 2” EMT RIGID Pipe. I have to believe the Company is already aware of this engineering detail & needs to either adjust or provide option bracket of the 2” RIGID pipe or send correct size hardware! I hope this helps anyone else with their installation prior to going out to the lake to learn in the field. The wood duck houses, critter guards mounted on 2” RE painted black blends into the environment really well & looks awesome. Once we see or learn if we can draw wood ducks to these houses we will be purchasing more in the future given their concept & design and now that we know we’ll need to purchase our own correct mounting hardware.

Lisa Sykes
Beautiful Made-great customer service

This duck box was such a Welcome surprise. The quality is amazing and excellent design. There are large vents, for holds for the babies and a box and bottom that can easily be cleaned out at the end of the season. The price is competitive too

Jack D.
Great Wood Duck House and Customer Service

I bought two Duck Huts for the slough our house over looks. There was a mix up with the quality shipped. Gave them a call and they straightened it out right away. Will certainly be a repeat customer. As a business owner myself I feel that speaks for itself. Install was super easy. Using a 2” conduit made for a very clean install

cal lilienthal

I like the duck house. I also purchased the molded predator guard. It came with 5 or 4 molded brackets for mounting. NONE of them clamped on 2 inch emt conduit as the house bracket does.

Douglas Considine

Easy to assemble! Looks great and designed for wood ducks to lay some eggs and hatch some ducklings. No issues whatsoever. Looking forward to seeing them get occupied! Will be buying more for sure.