How many houses do I need?

Female wood ducks lay one egg each day until the clutch is complete. This clutch typically contains 8-10 eggs, but may range from as few as 6 to as many as 15 eggs. Occasionally you may find many more eggs, even as high as 40, in a phenomenon called “egg dumping.” It’s commonly thought that this happens when boxes are placed in close proximity to one another. This is thought to cause confusion for the returning female wood duck, and she lays her eggs in the wrong box.

It is our opinion this is not the case. Baby wood ducks remember the spot in which they were hatched and will try to beat the mother back in the spring to claim the same nesting box. To avoid this problem, more boxes should be added each year, however, there is no danger of having too many boxes or in placing them too close together.

Additionally wood duck houses do not need to be placed on or near water. Many ducks are raised in residential areas as far as 2 miles from a body of water.

Where should houses be placed?

The location of your boxes is important for your success in raising ducks year after year. Make sure that there is an unobstructed flight path to your box. This may require removing branches to ensure visibility.

Boxes can be placed in trees (dead or alive), on poles (wood or steel), on land or over water.

If you do not have any birds the first year don't worry, occasionally the box needs to be in place for a season before it will be used.

Information for pole mount DuckHuts.

The best placement mounting your duck box "on poles, near standing, flooded or dead trees 6'-8' off of the ground.

This is the most stable and consistent mount because it doesn't depend on a tree that could fall down or rot. Pole mounting also allows placement in open fields and bodies of water where thereare no available trees.

Another advantage of the pole mount version, is the ability to mount multiple boxes on one pole. Pole mount DuckHuts allow for multiple houses per pole saving time and money.

DuckHut is designed to mount to 2" EMT galvanized steel rigid electrical conduit. This is good choice for any wood duck house because, EMT conduit is readily available at any home improvement store, relatively inexpensive, and is durable enough to support your wood duck house for many years.

Can I download the installation instructions?