NRCS EQIP Program Information

Make a Difference

See how you may qualify to earn hundreds of dollars from your conservationist efforts of putting wood duck nesting boxes on your land! 

If you are an interested landowner, visit this website to see if your state has the Environment Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) for wood ducks and what qualifications are required to apply. 

We will choose the state of Iowa as our example. Choose your state and click/download the Environment Quality Incentive Program PDF.

Scroll down in the PDF to 649 where you will look for the key words "Nesting Box, LARGE with steel pole" or "HU-nesting box, LARGE with steel pole". This is an example from the state of Iowa for what the wood duck nesting box may be listed under:

The dollar amount you are eligible to receive for each wood duck nesting box will be listed on the far right column. This amount will be different for each state.

We encourage everyone interested to visit their local Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) office to learn more about the Environment Quality Incentives Program as each state will be different.

Find your local office by clicking the provided link below: