One Piece Predator Guard

One Piece Predator Guard

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One Piece

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Predator Guard- Protect your bird house, feeder, and/or nesting boxes.

Each of our predator guards are made of incredibly strong polyethylene that will take the abuse that any predator can dish out, while withstanding all weather conditions for decades.  Furthermore, our predator guards are proven to protect from all types of ground attack predators, such as squirrels, racoons, possums, snakes, and more.

One Piece Predator Guard

Our One Piece Predator Guard is fabricated from a solid flat sheet that takes it’s cone shape during assembly, creating a continuous one piece guard. The One Piece Predator Guard has a 29” diameter making it one of the largest and most rugged predator guards on the market.

Fast and easy to install, our predator guard requires only three bolts to complete a full circle of protection from all predators. Mounting hardware is included to attach to 8 different size mounting poles. Sizes include: 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2", both thin wall (EMT) and thick wall pipe. All brackets are stamped with their designated size, simply select the bracket that corresponds with your mounting pole, and install the two bolts securing the two half brackets together. Adjust the bracket to set it at the desired height prior to tightening the mounting bolts. This guard can be mounted before or after the installation of your bird house, feeder, and/or nesting boxes.

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Bird
One Piece Predator Guard Couldn't Be Easier.

The 1-PC Predator Guard came with everything needed to install even with the Duck Hut already installed. While installing it I couldn't help but think about how if I had 10 or 20 of these to install, how much time would be saved. The forethought in the design is truly American.

James Schlichting

the bolts inside the plastic that attaches to an emt pipe were missing on one set of attachments. I spent five plus hours trying to attach to the emt pipe. the second one had all four bolts, brass in color. Why don't you say from the beginning one needs to use a two inch pipe? the predatory guards are not necessary with a slick pipe. ANd why send 2 inch, 1.5, 1.25 and 1 inch guards.
I hope it works and the wood ducks use the two I bought, but the assembly and instructions are terrible

john jermyn
Purchased as a gift

I purchased this item as a gift for someone who moved onto a new property with a pond. The item arrived in just a few days. There were no problems with the installation.

Shane Rainwater
Great Purchase

The wood duck box and guard came in on time. Putting it up this weekend. I would recommend Duck Hut to anyone!

Jerry Riepshoff
Predator guard

When I put it up, the guard seemed thin and light weight but I guess it's doing the job !