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   Save on shipping! Our 1 Pack, 2 Packs, and 4 Packs ship in the same size package.  Buy a 4 Pack and save!                                                               

  • Plastic wood duck nesting box molded from plastic is the best wood duck house available and offers many benefits over traditional wood duck nesting box made of pine or cedarwood.
  • DuckHut Plastic wood duck houses come with the mounting brackets you need to install the wood duck house on a pole. Our duck boxes are easier to install than cedar wood duck boxes and are proven to be the best nest box for wood ducks hands down.  The included mounting hardware attaches perfectly to 2" EMT conduit (not included).  2" EMT conduit can be found at your local home improvement store.
  • Our wood duck box has a 4.5 inch by 3.75 inch opening so wood ducks can easily enter and exit the wood duck house. The DuckHut also comes with a built-in chick ladder so wood duck chicks can easily exit the duck house when ready.
  • Vents in the side of the wood duck nesting box offer the right amount of ventilation for wood duck nesting and make sure the temperature stays in a comfortable temperature and truly be the best wood duck box on the market
  • Made in the USA - The DuckHut wood duck house is 23.25 x 12 x 11 inches and weighs just 4.5 lbs. made in the heart of the midwest and tested for wood ducks around the country often being the preferred duck house for wood ducks from California to Maine.
  • The number of packs purchased will be combined into the smallest amount of packages in order to ship as economically as possible.

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D'Ann M.
Ready for Ducks in Oklahoma!

We got our first Duck Hut up. They are such great quality, very easy to install and looks great! We look forward to getting the other duck huts up and get ready for the season.

Michael Estes


Richard Cox
well made product easy to build and install

2 inch conduit is difficult to get as it comes from China; and is in short supply. I just got my conduit on July 17th, the 10ft. lengths are cumbersome; may I suggest you offer a HUT that allows the use of 8ft corner fence post that are 2&3/8th inch diameter....and cheaper!! Great product keep it going!

Hintz JTH

Purchased four of the Duckhut’s last week. Usually I’m reluctant to buy more when a vendor tells me it will save me money on shipping! When my four arrived in just a few days and I looked at the box, my first thought was I must have bought Hummingbird houses? They were packed more efficiently than I ever could have imagined. Unpacked them and read the assembly sheet, straight forward and simple to assemble. I will tell you more engineering went into these units than most of us can imagine. (My occupation was Mechanical Engineering). My four were assembled and installed with no issues, none! Not often these days you see this kind of quality. Mine were purchased to late to expect any nesting this season but I wanted them in place for next season. I feel very confident they will be occupied next spring. Thank you Duckhut for an excellent product. Purchase these and you will be impressed.

Polly Roszell